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Frequently asked questions

Will this be suitable for females?
Yes. We focus on techniques,speed and aggression - not size. If you are prepared to work hard and attend classes regularly then anyone can benefit !

What type of techniques and training do you cover?
Good question. We follow a rotating syllabus every few weeks. The idea is that the basics are drilled constantly so that they become second nature.
Once you have attended classes regularly, you will start to see the benefits of what we teach and how the techniques and movements fit together.
1) We cover street striking techniques influenced by Muay Thai as well as Krav Maga
2) Fight finish strikes and moves
3) Escape from headlocks/chokes
4) Pre fight indicators and awareness
5) Resisting and escape from a multitude of grabs and holds
6) Pre-emptive defence against edged weapons - knives and bottles
7) Most common ground fighting scenarios and defence/escape
8) Switch from passive to controlled aggression state
9) Adrenaline management and control

Will there be contact involved?
Sometimes. This is reality based self defence and you should expect various degree of physical intensity throughout sessions. We train for the harsh reality of physical and verbal reality of confrontations. If you would like a fitness only based class then I would suggest boxercise or some other non contact session. Please let me know ahead if you have any injuries.

How long will it take?
How long does anything worthwhile take ? :) time, persistence, application and practice. We drill the basics again and again ! Come along, work hard, stay consistent and you will reap the benefits

Do I need any special equipment?
To simulate real life situations protective clothing is kept to a minimum and no equipment is required. Sometimes recommend a groin guard/gum shield if you prefer

Do you have gradings and belts etc..?
No we do not. Whilst grading and belts are a fantastic way of demonstrating progress through the many great martial arts out there, I feel it is less relevant here. The simple reason being that controlled aggression coupled with technique and movement/awareness is what we focus on primarily combined with real life street scenarios, not competition sport.

Will I get fit?
Inevitably yes you will although it is not the primary aim of the class given the length of time. I would recommend stretching and working on fitness conditioning separately as much as possible.

How big are your classes?
The class is restricted in size - for both safety and quality control. I am very keen to provide a high quality teaching experience which allows me to focus on helping everyone.

Do I need to be a member of Fitness First to attend?
No. We are not affiliated with Fitness First and are a separate organisation.

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